Cinema Advertising

  • Cinema is a catalyst to 'Best Time Together' for couples, families, friends and peer groups and hence the experience of bonding over the shared experience of a film rates much more than other entertainment avenues. This 'Best Time Together' is hard to find and harder for a marketer to penetrate. Cinema provides a state of mind that exists in no other medium. The audience gets into the most receptive frame of mind owing to voluntary surrender to the environment.

    Advantages of Cinema Advertising
    Cinema has a larger than life visual impact when compared to TV or Radio

    Cinema as a captive medium offers an uncluttered environment

    Cinema reaches out to young affluent audiences and is cost effective

    It has the added advantage of delivering nation-wide reach as well as localized reach

    Offers 360 degree exposure & innovative opportunities to brands, on-screen & off-screen

    Low ad avoidance as cinema goers perceive the ads as part of the experience

    Cinema forming a deep engagement of audiences with brand messages

    Cinema's captive audience delivers advertising recall that is up to five times that of TV

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